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This is the coolest way to FaceTime in the dark.

Even though you might not see the point in learning to use Memoji to FaceTime in the dark, there is one. Any video call service, including FaceTime, needs well-lit areas to function successfully. FaceTime, however, benefits from Apple’s distinctive iPhone hardware.

While the standard camera won’t be able to see you in the dark, Face ID’s infrared projector and camera system will be able to, allowing you to communicate with the person you’re calling using your Memoji avatar or one of Apple’s other predefined characters.

Here are the instructions you need to take if you want to test this out for a late-night discussion, during a power outage, or just out of curiosity.
How to use Memoji to FaceTime while it’s dark

1. Launch FaceTime and dial the person you wish to speak with. Next, tap the window containing your video feed to expand and make more options visible.

2. Click the wavy star-shaped icon in the lower left corner. You may choose from various filters, and other unique FaceTime features here, but you must first select the Memoji symbol. That is the face located on the toolbar’s left side.

3. Follow these steps to make your own Memoji if you haven’t already done so. Choose one of Apple’s pre-made ones, or if you already have one, scroll down the list until you find one you like, then apply it on your face.

4. Employing the Watercolor or Watercolor Noir filters, which both use the Face ID sensors, is an alternative to using Memoji. These will also showcase your face in an unnaturally artful way in poor light. It can also briefly highlight your background, which may be useful.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above to utilize it, but instead, open the filters menu from the toolbar. The three concentric circles next to the Memoji button are what it is.
5. After that, navigate through the list of choices until you come across Watercolor and Noir. Tap to put it on.

Here is how these effects appear at night. As you may anticipate, Watercolor Noir achieves the same result as Watercolor but only in black and white.

During testing, we discovered that this functionality, even on the newest iPhone 14 Pro Max, will only function in partial darkness. Additionally, your iPhone can’t always accurately detect your face, even when it can. It will produce less realistic-looking expressions because using a Memoji in the dark causes a lot of stuttering animations. Or as naturally as Memojis can.


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