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These are my expectations for next year’s iPhone 15.

The iPhone 14 by Apple brought many new features that we’ve been eagerly awaiting, including the Pro Models. Apple releases new iPhones every September.

These are my expectations for next year’s iPhone 15.

USB-C Charging Port

USB-C Charging Lightning connectors have been around for a decade. Now it’s time for a new era. Many Apple products are switching to USB C, so there is a greater demand for a single charger that powers all devices. A USB-C iPhone could be within reach, the good news being that it may be close. Greg Joswiak (Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide marketing) confirmed that the company would follow the European Union’s directive that all phones sold in the region must have a USB–C charging port. Apple has yet to reveal details about its plans. Apple has yet to reveal if it will switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15 or wait till next year. According to the new rules, USB-C must be available by 2024.

Higher refresh rates for regular iPhone 15
Apple has increased the refresh rate for its premium smartphones’ displays. It is a minor feature but makes the experience more enjoyable. All iPhone 13 Pro Max versions, iPhone 13 Pro Max versions, and iPhone 14 Pro Max versions offer Promotions. In addition, it can adjust the refresh rate to up to 120Hz, depending on the content displayed.

Dynamic Island has many more features
Now that Dynamic Island has proved its value, it would be great to see Apple do more next year. Apple could use this space for proactive suggestions like apps that might be of interest based on your activity, the time, or your schedule. It is also dependent on what the app developers do with Dynamic Island. You can see current music, timers, directions in Maps, and other information at the top of your screen without needing to switch between apps. In addition, Dynamic Island makes multitasking on the iPhone 14 Pro easier. Apple has long been behind Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers that support split-screen apps.

Converse Wireless Charging
Many Android phones offer reverse wireless charging. Smartphones like the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 7 have a back that can charge other devices like smartwatches or earbuds. It is not fun to commute in the morning with a dead pair of AirPods. It could be life-changing to have the ability to charge my AirPods for just a few seconds so I can make it through the 30-minute train ride. Of course, your phone’s battery will be sacrificed. However, it’s worth it if you’re traveling to a location where your phone can be charged immediately after you arrive.

Touch ID
Face ID is helpful in many situations. However, it’s more practical to use your finger to unlock the phone in some instances. Therefore, touch ID will make a comeback on iPhones. Apple clearly understands the importance and value of fingerprint recognition.

Please tell us in the comments section about what features you would like to have in coming iPhone 15.


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