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The world’s largest screwdriver-shaped electrolyzer is created by HydrogenPro.

The electrolyzer that is expected to be the largest on the planet will be installed in Norway by HydrogenPro. Siemens is getting ready to commission the electrolyzer that will be the world’s second-largest in Germany.

This technological company manufactures high-pressure alkaline electrolyzers and supplies other businesses with enormous green hydrogen plants.

HydrogenPro also says that the biggest electrolyzer on the globe has been delivered to the company’s testing site in Herøya, Norway. The electrolyzer will be installed within the next few weeks, and the validation process will start as soon as feasible. The consignment of electrolyzers left Tianjin in China in July this year.

At a current density that is considered to be normal, the electrolyzer will have a hydrogen output of 1,100 Nm3/hour. Hydrogen Pro estimates that this equates to 100 kg of pure hydrogen each hour, which will build a fresh benchmark. The electrolyzer is 2 meters in diameter.

According to Erik Christian Bolstad, the CEO of HydrogenPro, this event signifies a vital accomplishment for HydrogenPro. It is additional proof of their technology for the generation of green hydrogen on a global scale.

The production of green hydrogen requires the use of clean energy or electricity with a low carbon footprint. Most of the hydrogen sector uses grey hydrogen, created by steam reforming natural gas, and has far higher carbon emissions than green hydrogen. Green hydrogen, on the other hand, has significantly lower carbon emissions.

The benefits from the plant will significantly improve the delivery of the world’s largest green hydrogen production.


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