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The WhatsApp Call Links feature is now available.

It will soon become easier for WhatsApp users to include someone in a call. Meta is making it possible to share a call with a simple link. A single tap is all you need to join a call when you have this shared call link. You must have the recent version of WhatsApp to use the Call Links feature.

Go to the Calls tab in the app to choose this option. Here you will be able to create the call link that can be used for both voice and video calls. Once the call link is generated, you can share it with other people. Apple already offers this function. Last year it launched FaceTime shareable connections that can be used to join calls from android devices and Windows PCs.

For the time being, this feature has been made available for free. WhatsApp promises secure and safe video calling. The company wants to make WhatsApp the first choice for business conversations, group meetings, and social gatherings. This feature is likely to affect other video calling apps like Zoom and Teams.

WhatsApp will also be now in direct competition with other apps like Telegram, iMessage, Viber, Signal, and others. WhatsApp users will find Call Links a useful feature that enhances user experience. They will have additional call capacity if WhatsApp does not attach commercials or put any limitation on the number and duration of calls made using this feature. If it does not charge any fee, more and more WhatsApp users will use it.


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