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The top Xbox controller available today.

People have entered a golden age when it comes to gaming controllers. Gamepads available today are of better quality and are more customizable as well. Whether you’re playing using an Xbox or a PC, you can choose from various controllers.

Say you use an Xbox Series X, or the Series S. What controller would be best for you to use?

Which Xbox Controller Should You Choose?

That standard controller that comes with the Xbox Wireless is the best option to use. It’s versatile, provides comfort, and is also affordable. It does lack some extra features that more premium options can provide you with. But the standard controller is still one of the best controllers you can use.

If you’re looking for a controller that is budget-friendly, then the Enhanced Wired controller from PowerA would suit you best. You’ll get great value without having to worry about missing out.

If you want a premium controller on the other hand, then the Elite Series 2 from Xbox could be exactly what you’re looking for. Although this controller is older than the Series X and S consoles, it has a build quality that is exceptional. You’ll also get more buttons, as well as lots of options for customization.

Want something even more pricey? Look no further than the Scuf Instinct Pro. Although pricier, this controller also provides you with some extra features. You can also customize your controller as well.

For most people, however, it’s the standard controller you find with your Xbox, that will be the best controller to use.


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