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The Stylish MagSafe Wireless Charger is Currently Less Than $60.

Do you believe Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg have cables running throughout their workspace when they sit down to work? Probably not. The NYTSTND UNO is worth your attention if you want to work like a business titan and add elegance to your desk.

This desk organizer and charging pad are high-quality wood and fully support MagSafe. This lovely accessory usually costs $64, but today only costs $58, thanks to a price reduction at TechRepublic Academy.

Modern pads have a much more comprehensive range of design options and deliver power with impressive speed. The NYTSTND UNO exemplifies this trend. This smartphone charger helps you restore your battery to 100% without compromising your style. It is made from premium wood and genuine leather with soft felt bumpers.

A strong charging coil is hidden inside that wooden frame, and it is compatible with the most recent iPhone models. The charger works with all of your Qi devices even though it is optimized for MagSafe technology.

The UNO’s power allows it to pass electricity through cases up to 5mm thick, and its sophisticated foreign object detection prevents overheating or short-circuiting. When combined, these features make the UNO a very practical addition to any workspace, enabling you to quickly recharge your devices.


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