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The Reason Google Removes Personal Information From Search Results.

If you have ever had to go through the labor of doing a Google sweep of your name to erase unwanted digital footprints, there is good news for you! Looking yourself up on the search engine just became easier than ever. The tech giant has come up with a feature that helps people do precisely this. We live in an era where it has become virtually impossible to remain incognito online as anyone can be found in the digital realm with a simple Google search.

Google has always keenly listened to the inputs of its global user base while shaping its every update. In order to bring more power back to the users and value their right to confidentiality, Google has launched “Results About You” which will focus on helping them get rid of private information from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). A Google representative was quoted saying that the main aim of this venture is the simplification of requesting for the

removal of user info. They have noticed an increasing necessity from their global audience to protect one’s online presence, which is why they have created the perfect solution for this issue.

This update has been in the works for some time and comes as a big relief to users whose nightmare has been having their data publicized inadvertently by sites they signed up on, 3rd party apps, or information leaks. An additional feature will be to set up a notification system for the same, in case someone’s addresses, email IDs, or mobile numbers end up online somehow. This is a game-changing update that will come in handy for the speedy and effective elimination of private information that has so far been prone to discoverability and attacks by cybercriminals.


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