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The Pro Max might be replaced by the iPhone 15 “Ultra”.

According to some reports, it seems that Apple is getting ready to make some changes in its product line-up. It looks like the Pro Max version of the iPhone will be replaced with an Ultra version of the iPhone 15 in 2023. This news was announced by a reliable source at Bloomberg news.

According to the source, the iPhone 15 will feature a lot of changes. The phone’s design is going to be revamped and a new USB C will be included. A change in name is also likely. Apple would most likely change its branding and replace the Pro Max name tag. While this was originally used with the iPhone 11 version, the company will do away with it. It will probably start using “Ultra” in the name.

This shift and the use of “Ultra” in its branding philosophy for the top-end iPhone is another indication that the company is changing decision-making policies. Of the most notable changes, Apple’s watch now contains Ultra in its name, and the most powerful chip it uses is called the M1 Ultra.

Information on particular changes to do with the iPhone 15 is scarce, considering that the release is over a year away. All indications are that Apple will also shift to using USB-C for its new phones. There are rumors that design features like the hole punch cutout and similar features introduced to the market in the iPhone 14 will be seen in the new iPhone 15 versions as well.


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