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The Price of Twitter Blue on an iPhone is Higher Than Any Browser.

According to reports, Twitter will charge $7 per month for its Twitter Blue subscription, but to cover costs, the firm will charge consumers extra through the App Store.
The contentious verification mechanism of the on-again, off-again Twitter Blue subscription will likely resume on Friday.

According to The Information, some Twitter employees have reportedly been informed that the subscription service would be relaunched with new prices. It will now have two price points rather than the initial flat fee of $8.

Instead, it will cost $11 for those purchasing the membership through their iPhone and in-app purchase on the App Store. The difference will probably be used to pay Apple’s initial 30% in-app purchase commission.

If a subscription is kept for an entire year, Apple levies a 15% fee. After the first year, it is unknown if the monthly payment for the iPhone would drop to $9.

Previously, Elon Musk blasted the App Store commission in a complaint about Apple reducing Twitter advertising.

Whether Apple honestly stopped spending money on Twitter advertisements remained unclear. There have been rumors that Twitter’s announced lack of moderation may cause Apple and Google to ban it from their app stores.

Elon Musk has received a warning from the European Union that unless content filtering complies with its upcoming legislation, Twitter will be banned or fined. However, Tim Cook has stated that he relies on Twitter to uphold its promise of moderation.

Tim Cook gave Musk a tour of Apple Park shortly after Musk similarly criticized Apple’s stance on free speech.

The removal of Twitter, according to Musk, was “obvious to Tim that Apple never considered.”


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