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The Next Generation of Residential Solar Companies.

Some early adopters of solar energy have already put solar panels on their homes within the 2000s. But they then saw their yield from the solar panels dropping within the next twenty years.

But that’s changed now, and new solar companies are providing people with access to solar energy, with good returns. You can even get solar panels from brands like LG today.

Adopting Solar Technology

More and more people are interested in building green homes today. But to make a green home, you need more than just solar technology. A green home should have an energy system that’s managed, so you can optimize how you use it.

Lunar Energy is a company run by Kunal Gurotra, who used to be an executive at Tesla. This is one of the first generations of solar companies that are laying more priority on electrical efficiency over electricity generation.

Lunar is just one of a new wave of companies in solar space. The addition of new companies can help the world branch off from generating solar energy to managing it. This will provide users with higher returns on investment.

Companies such as Sundanzer have already been building appliances for homes that are off the grid, for many years. A lot of the features they provide may be similar to what your grandparents’ generation had. From manual defrost to no capability to make ice, you may not find such appliances attractive. However, they are much more efficient than what people popularly use.

As the decade comes to an end, it’s likely that there will be more companies in the solar energy space. These companies will be more focused on how solar energy can be efficiently used, over how it’s generated.


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