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The most recent update to Telegram adds unlimited reactions and emoji statuses.

In their latest update, Telegram is offering users an infinite number of emoji statuses and reactions.

The encrypted messaging app wants to provide its users with more options to freely express themselves. However, the feature will be available to premium users as of now.

Expressing yourself with Emojis

According to the announcement by Telegram, premium users will have an endless number of custom emojis to choose from. In addition to this, users can now attach a maximum of 3 reactions per message.

There is something for non-premium users as well. Reactions which was earlier only accessible to premium users are now also available to normal users.

In order to accommodate such a large assortment of emojis, Telegram is redesigning the reaction panel as well. The panel is now expandable with the most frequently used emojis appearing at the top.

Users engaging in 1-on-1 chats and group chats will have access to the new reactions and emojis.

Further Upgrades

The group admins have the authority to decide whether members are allowed to use custom emojis on that group.

Premium users also have the ability to plant an animated emoji next to their name. This will let their contacts know exactly how the user is feeling at the moment.

Telegram offers 7 standard status options. They can change the user color in order to match the different themes on Telegram.

Users can also choose from an endless number of customized emojis. The most popular emojis like traveling, sleeping, and working will be displayed on top.


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