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The most recent smart light strip from TP-Link matches everything.

TP Link, the China-based global manufacturer of networking devices and smart home gadgets, recently added a flagship product to its Tapo Line, a series of smart home LED lights.

The Tapo L930-5 is a smart WiFi light strip with 50 separately addressable color zones with 1000 lumens of extra white LED light beads providing zonal color control of a wide range of colors.

The Tapo L930-5 is the first one in the Tapo series to support Apple Home, users can control the light using simple vocal commands. The L930-5 is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa making your smart home experience hands-free.

The music sync mode of the lights adds a great vibe to your room making your house part-ready.

Customize the Tapo light further by downloading the Tapo App. You can adjust the brightness, and hue, schedule on/off times and get access to a wide variety of preset colors and lighting effects.

The PU surface coating assures a durable and neat finish to the LED strip emitting soft and transparent light. The LED strip is also flexible and can be cut to length for different purposes.

The 3M Peel-and-Stick adhesive helps with easy setup and can be used to light up your cabinets, monitors, screens, bed frames, and more.

With its animated lighting effects, great color control, and music sync, the Tapo L930-5 is sure to match your setting and light up your room, all under $50.


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