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The iPhone 15 Won’t Get Apple Touch ID Back Anytime Soon.

Apple has made it clear that it isn’t very keen or planning on bringing the Touch ID feature back to its phones. This means that users will have to deal with the Face ID feature in the future. This update was made available by Bloomberg News, and it seems like Apple will not incorporate Touch ID with the starter/power button, etc.

Apparently, Apple has been running tests to see if Touch ID will suit the new program being developed and didn’t see much of an improvement. While a number of users seem to prefer using Face ID now because it is convenient, others miss using Touch for scanning their fingerprints. The old feature was very popular with many users till Apple decided to offer a much better alternative.

Apple is tossing around ideas on how to incorporate Touch ID for its iPad Air 4 and the tests didn’t go too well. It seems that Face ID will stay, and the older feature will be done away with. If you are wondering why Face ID makes for a better alternative, here are some reasons. Face ID was not something that Apple wanted for its iPhones, to begin with. It was added as it was a game changer.

As per reports from Digital Trends, the current issue with smartphones is that the facial recognition system is weak. It could be bypassed with the use of a photograph and not the actual face of a user. Apple tweaked this feature so that people with similar faces could be distinguished from each other easily. The system is so well designed that even prosthetic marks cannot trick the system.

Customer/user safety was paramount to Apple and hence this feature was added on. This worked well even during the pandemic when iPhone users could unlock their units even with a mask on their faces.


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