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The comment-dislike option on TikTok is now available to all users across the globe.

Buckle up, TikTokers! Get ready to experience TikTok with a game-changing update that will make your experience on the platform easier and smoother than ever before. The popular video platform just announced that the much-awaited option for disliking comments is being rolled out to countries around the world. The feature for disliking comments has been in the works for quite some time. TikTok has been running trials of it for more than 2 years. They have now finally joined social media platforms and forums that also have similar features for downvoting comments.

The purpose of this option, unlike others that came out with it before, is to boost the audience’s relationship with the app rather than with each other. Social media platforms are famous for replies and comments left by users that are not very helpful, relevant, or appropriate for a number of reasons. This way, people can “dislike” the comment that is contextually incorrect or immaterial to the contents of the video. This will inform TikTok of the same, who will then look into it and take necessary action. Their dislikes would not record any identifying information so they can click it freely without concern. It will also not alert the person who left the comment. TikTok differs from other platforms in that it will not display the total number of dislikes as the purpose isn’t to publicly inform others. You can cancel the action by hitting dislike at any time.

TikTok says that this will reduce the long channels of communication and help the audience have a direct and instant connection to the platform. This also ensures the authenticity of the comments. They also emphasized that if they have bigger issues with the contents of the comments, they should complain by making full use of the reporting feature. It is not to be seen as a replacement for reporting serious issues like racism, homophobia, or sexually explicit material for instance.


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