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Tesla under fire for Model 3 and Model Y steering wheels that freeze up.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles may lose steering control while being driven, according to reports. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking into these claims. The investigation’s findings, according to the agency, may have an impact on 280,000 automobiles.

According to the NHTSA, 12 complaints have been made about the vehicles’ power steering and lack of steering control. Seven more users claimed a loss of power caused their steering problems, while five people complained about their inability to steer the car.

One complaint is as follows:

Driving is the only time the steering remains stuck in the straight position after losing power. A vehicle can only move forward or backward in a straight line; it cannot turn. Switching the power on and off did not help solve the problem. A tow to the Tesla service was required.

The inquiry into accusations that steering wheels on Model Y SUVs have fallen off while being driven is one of many defect probes Tesla is currently the subject of. More than 800 allegations of “phantom braking” issues, in which Tesla vehicles abruptly braked in reaction to undetectable risks, have also been submitted to the NHTSA. Due to a braking and acceleration fault, the business was compelled to distribute an over-the-air software upgrade to 1.1 million vehicles in China. Some owners are also suing the business over the problem.

Additionally, due to more than a dozen incidents in which Tesla vehicles employing driver-assist capabilities have collided with stopped emergency vehicles, the company may have to recall its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving devices. The California attorney general and the US Department of Justice are just two of the law enforcement organisations looking into Tesla’s safety and business practises.

All automakers are subject to recalls and defect investigations; recently, Ford was compelled to recall almost 900,000 F-150 trucks due to emergency brakes that can activate while the vehicle is in motion, but Tesla is unusual in that it can sometimes fix flaws with software upgrades. Additionally, Tesla is subject to more recalls than other cars. On a list of the 400 recalls announced in 2022 that affected more than 25 million vehicles, Tesla took four of the top five spots.

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