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Tesla is rumored to partner with Samsung for 4-nm chip in self-driving HW 5.0- Latest News

Tesla is reportedly working with Samsung to develop a new, more powerful, and more efficient self-driving chip that will be used in its next-generation Hardware 5 (HW 5.0) system. The chip is rumoured to be based on Samsung’s 4-nanometer node, which would make it one of the most advanced self-driving chips on the market.

Tesla began assembling a group of chip architects in 2016 under the direction of renowned chip designer Jim Keller in order to create its own silicon.
In order to enable self-driving in consumer cars without the need for additional hardware, like in the specially developed autonomous vehicles operated by Waymo and Cruise, the goal was to design an extremely powerful and efficient CPU.

As a component of its Hardware 3.0 (HW 3.0) self-driving computer, Tesla finally made the chip public in 2019.

They claim that the new Tesla Autopilot technology outperforms the older model, which used Nvidia hardware, in terms of processing frames per second while barely increasing power usage.

Tesla began producing vehicles using Hardware 4.0 self-driving hardware last year, but the firm stayed mum about its most recent chip because not all vehicles have it yet.

While HW 4.0 spreads to all of Tesla’s models, the company is actively developing its newest hardware. On HW 3.0, Tesla collaborated with Samsung, and it is rumoured that it will do the same for HW 4.0.

However, it was also claimed that Tesla had obtained a sizable order from Taiwan’s TSMC for their self-driving microprocessor.

It’s unclear from the new report whether Tesla now intends to collaborate on its next-generation processor with both Samsung and TSMC or only Samsung.

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