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Tesla builds first Cybertruck after two years of repeated delays.

After two years of delays, Tesla finally finished building its first Cybertruck at the electric vehicle manufacturer’s plant in Austin, Texas, the firm announced in a tweet on Saturday.

Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, unveiled the pickup truck in 2019 during a reveal in which the designer of the car broke several of the ostensibly impenetrable “armour glass” windows.

Since then, the company has delayed the start of production, and Musk last year claimed limitations in component procurement as the reason for delaying the debut of Cybertruck until 2023.

Depending on demand at a shareholder meeting in May, Musk claims Tesla will create a quarter of a million electric trucks annually.

Tesla will be able to compete with electric pickups created by businesses like Ford Motor Company and Rivian Automotive, both of which have yet to release a constrained number of products thanks to the launch of the Cybertruck. Tesla also produces the Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y electric cars. In addition to the cybertruck, the company is also working on new electric semi-trucks and vehicles. Tesla is making significant investments in electric cars, and the Cybertruck is a key component of that strategy.

The auto industry is very interested in Cybertruck. The truck is unlike anything else on the market and has the potential to disrupt the market for traditional pickup trucks. Watching how people respond to the Cybertruck and how it impacts the competition will be fascinating.

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