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Telegram Update Adds New Features for Replying, Sharing Links, and Customizing Accounts.

Recently, Telegram released an upgrade that brought new and sophisticated functionality to users. Only Telegram Premium users have access to some of the features that have been released. The basic reply feature has undergone various inventive adjustments as part of the improvements. With the latest update, users can now customize link previews and format quotes. With the most recent version release, Telegram Tales also got a few small enhancements. Account colors and channels can be customized by a select group of users over a specific threshold. Previously, the app included features like dual camera modes and reaction stickers. The social media network said that they are presently developing the upcoming release.

Telegram verified in a blog post that the latest version allows users to quote particular sections of any message and respond to those, which allows for more focused responses. To accomplish this, tap a message (or hold it on iOS), hold and drag to pick the desired text, and select Quote.

It is also an option for users to respond to messages from one chat window to another, either in private direct messages or in other channels or group conversations that are pertinent to their conversation. You can select Reply in Another Chat after selecting the message you wish to respond to, and then pick the appropriate chat. Viewers and recipients with access can tap reply to open the message in the original chat.

Telegram now lets users structure any quote in addition to quoting sections of texts. A message or a section of a message that you desire to quote can be bolded, italicized, etc. You may also include many quotes in a single response.

Telegram now gives you the extra freedom to personalize the link preview when you share a link. If you attach numerous links to a message, you can select which link to preview, adjust the size of the thumbnail picture, and decide whether the preview shows above or below your message. By tapping anywhere in the preview window, users can access the links.

You may now hold down the screen and slide right or left to fast-forward and rewind video tales in the Telegram Story area. For every photo or video you choose to take from the Story section, you can also use the front flash feature and change the brightness and warmth of the light.

Finally, Telegram Premium users now have the option to personalize a color or mix of colors for their account. Access to this functionality is also permitted for channels that are Level 5 or higher. This allows your name to always appear in all groups in the color you choose, along with the color of links you share and replies to any messages you send.

Users of Telegram Premium on Android phones can access this by going to Settings > Chat Settings > Change Name Color. To adjust the color, iOS users must navigate to Settings > Appearance > Your Name Color.


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