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Taco Bell tried to excite customers with a new kind of drive-thru.

The big announcement is coming that one of the largest Taco Bell franchises was setting up its first “ultra-fast, solar-powered EV charging station in collaboration and partnership with ChargeNet stations in San Francisco.

If you own a Tesla, or any electric vehicle from a low-light business, you’ll be happy that at the cost of around $20, you can purchase 100 miles of road and indulge. A delicious turnip. (You’ll be required to make a payment for the chalupa on your own.) Moreover, the charging process will take only 20 minutes.

I was eager to be excited for all the fast-food-loving Electric vehicle drivers who are sure to enjoy this brand-new drive-thru. But then I paused and thought about the future of fast food.

It’s easy to believe that fast-food chains are skeptical that no one dines in their establishments. As a result, the process of hiring employees has become a challenge. Likewise, maintaining them is more challenging. And companies like McDonald’s and others earned a significant amount of cash through drive-throughs or delivery during the outbreak.

It’s odd to use this technology that encourages customers to move about – even for 20 minutes.
SG Ellison, President of Electrified Taco Bell franchise Diversified Restaurant Group, explained the following: “As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, especially in California, they are excited to provide this service to customers who reside in the Golden State. They will be able to quickly charge vehicles of customers and then fuel their vehicles by enjoying our Mexican-inspired favorites while they are at it.”

Tosh Dutt, the CEO and co-founder of ChargeNet Stations, offered another viewpoint: “An estimated 120 million Americans go to quick-service restaurants daily. About half of our outlets are located in marginalized communities in California, providing services to those who can’t. The ease of charging for those who don’t possess the privilege of having a home charging station. Our goal is to bring a greater number of people EV charging across California and beyond.”

Some communities in marginalized areas cannot enjoy the convenience of a home-based charging station. Some wonder what they would miss out on if they could even enjoy the luxury of an electric vehicle. The price for one is now around $66,000.

Indeed, Taco Bell isn’t the only company that is experimenting with electric charging stations. For example, one Burger King franchise has worked with Blink Charging, a McDonald’s franchisee that has Tesla charging.

It’s possible that soon fast-food outlets will be fuel stations of the future – locations where you can fill up your car, just like you fuel yourself.
A few people dream of a day when companies such as Taco Bell or McDonald’s make more money with electricity than they do from Chalupas or Burgers.


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