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Steps to Follow to Create a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11.

This article describes how to establish a virtual desktop in Windows 11.

The primary workspace on your Windows 11 PC is the desktop. The taskbar, which allows you to launch and switch between apps, and the desktop, where you may store files, folders, and app shortcuts, make up most of it. Each user has their desktop by default in Windows 11, but there is also the option to add more virtual desktops.

Now creating desktops in Windows 11 is so simple, you can create one whenever you want and use it however you see fit. However, virtual desktops continue to exist even after you shut down your computer, so if you find them useful, you can keep them around in the ideal configuration.

The files and shortcuts saved on the desktop do not change when you create a virtual desktop. Individual virtual desktops can have different background images but share the same directories, files, and shortcuts.

In Windows 11, you may manage virtual desktops by using Task View. Task View offers a summary of all the apps grouped under your current desktop in addition to managing virtual desktops.

On Windows 11, follow these steps to make a new virtual desktop:
1- On your taskbar, click the Task View icon, which is a black square with a transparent square over it.
2- Click New Desktop +.
3- Select the new desktop’s thumbnail.
4- The new virtual desktop will come into view.
5- Click or move your mouse over Task View and choose the Desktop 1 thumbnail to return to your default desktop.

Why Would you make a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11 ?

A virtual desktop’s primary function is to segregate your apps. You can organize your apps by task and dedicate one desktop to each one if, for instance, you are currently working on several tasks that require several programs. You might also have different desktops for different purposes, such as one for work, play, social media, or whatever works best for you.


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