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Stellar Blade: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and much more.

This address may be familiar to you, but the name might not match. You are correct – the original address was revealed as an EV. The official title is Excellent Blade. Fans of character games in the style of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta have been drawn to this game. However, it has a unique sci-fi setting that has attracted their attention. The recent disclosure of his official address has revealed little about him. Excellent Blade information began to leak.

A great show at Sony’s State of Play in September 2022 brought Excellent Blade to the attention of many curious players. Many essential details are either unknown or hidden in other sources. It is unnecessary to hack the game and attempt to delete all data.

Release Date

We got a Stellar Blade release window after the name was revealed. However, it wasn’t as exact as we would have liked. We know for now that the game will launch sometime in 2023. We are so close to the year’s start that the game will likely launch sometime in the second half of 2023, if not in the fall or winter seasons.


The only sure thing is the Excellent Blade; this will only be available to the PlayStation 5. This leaves some potential for the PC port, but it will be lost to any Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation 4 players.


We meet an elderly man who has been heavily integrated with many machines, even his brain. He describes a time in history when some force overthrew humanity.

We are now introduced to the city known as Xion, the city of the dead. Our protagonist, Eve, activates a generator that turns on a vast room where thousands of people are “deep asleep” because they lack energy.

Another cut shows us the enemy in action: a native. This beast is giant and has long limbs. It also has a long, elongated mouth with rows of vertical teeth. Each hand holds a blade. Another is heavier and swings two bulging fists. Eve is seen fighting them with a gun, a knife, or some other type of ability.

We return to the old man and ask if Eve can save us “this time.”


Although the trailer shows a lot of gameplay, it also highlights what type of game Excellent Blade is. Eve will use melee and long-range attacks together. We see Eve using her sword to pull combinations, but she can also access a shotgun. It seems like she is a little like spirit, as Eve focuses on her dribbling and avoiding any incoming attacks.

Boss battles are often emphasized as more difficult than normal encounters with your enemies, but no further is said.


Stellar Blade is a single-player experience. There will be no multiplayer modes will be available.


Excellent Blade This title could be released technically in December 2023, but no pre-order information was provided. After the team has agreed on a release date, we will tell you how to sign up for this action-packed title on PS5.


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