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Starlink satellite internet will be available for Moving Vehicles in December.

As technology advances, it is helping people and improving their lives. For example, now you can enjoy High-Speed Internet while driving your car. 

Elon Musk’s Starlink launches its satellite internet service for vehicles in December. It permits SpaceX to offer customers internet connectivity while driving.

SpaceX has revealed on Twitter that it will offer in-motion access to its satellite internet for RVs that will not affect connectivity while on the road. The essential Starlink Service for RVs utilizes SpaceX’s $599 satellite dish moving; it requires a Flat High-Performance plate, which costs a staggering $2500.

SpaceX states that its hardware can be used to communicate with more satellites. This makes internet connectivity while in motion feasible for moving vehicles.

“Network resources are always deprioritized for Starlink for RVs users compared to other Starlink services, resulting in degraded service and slower speeds in congested areas,” Starlink clarifies.

The firm promises to provide its customers with the highest quality internet connectivity for $135 per month. This is based on the weather-proof technology that is built into their vehicles. The Verge reports.

Starlink’s internet-in-vehicle service gives immediate access to high-speed, low-latency Internet on an as-needed basis from any place with continuous coverage. The new service from the company offers RV owners the possibility to suspend and stop it at any moment to make it more suited according to their own needs.

SpaceX has been working on this feature for a long time to make this happen and they have finally achieved success. As a result, the company is permitted to use this feature in moving vehicles this summer.


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