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Spotify vs Apple Music vs Tidal — Who pays artists Higher?

In the past, it has become apparent that Apple is far superior in “playing fair” to Spotify regarding Apple Music royalty payments for artists. The latest video uploaded on YouTube in the last week of the independent producer L.Dre further underscores the gap between Apple Music and Spotify, including details about the number of royalties paid, payments, and more.

Apple first announced how much it paid to artists via Apple Music last year, noting that it paid the equivalent of $0.01 per streaming to the artist with individual plans that were paid in 2020. Apple also noted it was the case that artists earn more than $50,000 in revenue each year.

Based on the video uploaded by L.Dre, the numbers remain the same. Tidal is the one that pays the highest per stream, at $0.013, and is then Apple Music at $0.01 per stream. However, Spotify, on its side, shells the highest amount of $0.0033 per stream, significantly less than Apple Music and Tidal, along with Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer. The only company to pay less than Spotify can be Pandora.

L.Dre’s video goes into more in-depth details about two popular songs he’s played on the platforms Spotify and Apple Music, giving exact information about the difference between the two platforms.

However, Spotify will soon be facing an increasing backlash from artists regarding how low their royalty payments are compared to Apple Music.

Apple Music also recently revealed an increase in price that was one of the main reasons the company cited for the rise was higher licensing costs. Apple claims this will result in artists receiving more money; however, current payout statistics need to be more transparent.

In addition to the advice for artists that L.Dre offers, If you’re an online music service subscriber and want to know the payout rates for artists should be a factor to be aware of when deciding which service to sign up for. This is especially important for those who listen to many independent artists whose primary source of income comes from these sources.


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