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SpaceX’s Starship Mega Rocket Encounters Explosions and Communication Loss in Second Test Flight

SpaceX’s Starship Mega Rocket experienced two explosions during its second test flight from South Texas, resulting in a loss of communication with the spacecraft.

Launched from the Elon Musk-owned company’s launch facility in Boca Chica, the two-stage, 397-foot rocket—the largest and most powerful ever built—arced out over the Gulf of Mexico after blasting off.

SpaceX intended for the spaceship to ascend to a height of 150 miles, which would enable it to circle the planet and then, 90 minutes after launch, dive into the Pacific Ocean not far from Hawaii.

However, the extremely hefty first-stage booster burst shortly after it seemed to have separated.

A short while later, a company announcer announced that mission control had lost communication with the vehicle while the main Starship spaceship continued into space.

The host of SpaceX’s livestream, John Insprucker, stated: “We think we may have lost the second stage… we have lost the data from the second stage.”

A video view following the core Starship booster appeared to show an explosion about eight minutes into the test mission, indicating that the vehicle had failed to achieve an altitude of 91 miles (148 km) at that point.

SpaceX acknowledges the setbacks of its recent Starship test flight, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures in their pursuit of making life multiplanetary.

Due to an unforeseen malfunction with the flight-control hardware, the launch that was supposed to happen on Friday was postponed by one day.

After just four minutes of its maiden flight in April, the ship’s wreckage crashed into the gulf due to an explosion.

Since then, SpaceX has upgraded the launch pad, the launcher, and all 33 of its engines numerous times.

NASA needs the rocket in order to fulfill its goal of sending humans back to the moon.

Additionally, Mr. Musk stated that ships might be used for Mars expeditions.


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