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Sony may be working on a redesigned PS5 console.

Sony released the PlayStation 5 in 2020, but the company hasn’t given it a significant facelift or even some modest chassis upgrades. The PS5 is said to have a Pro or Slim version, although Sony hasn’t confirmed either since the original console’s release. According to a new claim (by Insider Gaming), the Japanese tech business intends to release a new PS5 model in September 2023 with a removable disc drive. According to Tom Henderson, a business source who also correctly foresaw the release of the DualSense Edge controllers, Sony is now developing the next generation of the platform.

Expected information about Sony’s forthcoming PS5 with a removable disc drive
According to the rumour, Sony may sell the disc drive in conjunction with the system or independently. Owners of a PS5 can use the USB-C port on the back to connect the disc drive to the console. The article should have mentioned if PlayStation 5 Digital Edition owners can attach the disc drive through the front USB-C port.
With a software update, Sony may add this feature to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, boosting console sales by releasing users from the digital-only world.

The manufacturer is anticipated to create a brand-new “Chassis D” body for the console, which is anticipated to utilize the same hardware as its predecessors. The PS5’s detachable disc drive is intended to fit in with the console’s design and not stand out as a separate accessory. Also, the Digital Edition, which the business didn’t sell well, may eventually be replaced by the impending PS5 with a disc drive.


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