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Sony is testing PS5 game cloud streaming for PS Plus Premium users. Here is the latest shot.

Sony must first offer PS5 game streaming before it can enable it on devices like its Project Q handheld. Fortunately, this is already in the works. Thankfully, that is approaching. For PlayStation Plus Premium users, the firm is now experimenting with streaming PS5 games, including those from the PS Plus Game Catalogue and “supported digital PS5 titles that players own.” Although you’ll have to use your PS5 system, you’ll avoid having to download games and waste critical SSD space.

A launch date and other information will be made available “when we’re ready,” according to Sony.

Cloud gaming for PS3, PS4, and “classic” games is already available with PS Plus Premium, which typically costs $15 per month. On a PC, you can also stream such movies. Support for the PS5 could make the tier even more alluring, especially when Sony broadens access beyond the PS5. Project Q combines an 8-inch display with controls that are akin to DualSense, and it is only certified to function with Remote Play when used with a PlayStation 5 that you already own.

This does not imply that first-party titles will be streamable on the day of release, as they occasionally are with Microsoft’s Game Pass. According to Nick Maguire, head of subscriptions, in-house games will continue to be distributed “outside the service first.” The current strategy of switching games to Premium after a year or more is “working,” according to Maguire. In other words, the business is trying to squeeze every last sale out of customers. If you’re ready to buy them outright, the statement “digital titles you own” does imply that some games might be available to stream on the first day.

That nonetheless gives access to a huge library. Starting next week, the PS5 part of the Game catalogue on PS Plus will include Soulstice, Inscryption, Rogue Legacy 2, and Far Cry 6. Despite the fact that those aren’t necessarily must-watch films, Premium streaming can make it very simple to give them a try.


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