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Scammers Employed Hacks and Bribes to Generate Millions Through Bogus Amazon Returns.

Amazon is suing a nasty but enterprising group named REKK for using its return and refund policy to offer a paid service to interested customers, hoping to get expensive things like computers and game consoles for less money.

This isn’t like the times you try to return a tiny Amazon purchase—say, a pair of socks—and the system gives you a refund without requesting that you send anything back. According to a Bloomberg article, REKK is accused in Amazon’s complaint of utilizing bribery or social engineering to target Amazon fulfillment staff in order to obtain millions of dollars in refunds without really returning the merchandise.

In a 30,000-follower Telegram channel, REKK promoted its services to customers. It accepted payment as part of the item’s initial price and then tricked the system into registering a return that never materialized. One of the defendants in the lawsuit, Andrew Ling, who ordered five iPads and then worked with REKK to get a refund, serves as an example of how the scam operates. To mark the iPad returns as received in Amazon’s systems, REKK is accused of using a phishing attack against a fulfillment center employee in this instance.

According to allegations, an Amazon employee who received $3,500 from REKK to approve 76 returns of goods valued at over $100,000 and another who received $5,000 for approving 56 fictitious returns valued at over $75,000 were both bribed.

More than two dozen individuals from the US, the UK, Canada, Greece, Lithuania, and the Netherlands are named in the document, which was filed on Thursday in a US District Court in the state of Washington.


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