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Samsung’s new Maintenance mode will keep your data safe and secure during the repair.

For Galaxy phones that run One UI 5, the tech giant Samsung has added the “Maintenance Mode” function. It will secure the privacy of users’ data during the time that they wait while the phone is repaired. With the brand new Maintenance Mode that users can use, they can limit access to their private information, like their photographs messages, contacts, or messages.

Galaxy users are also secure in the knowledge that their privacy can be secured even if they lend their phones to another person.

The Maintenance Mode can be used to enable the creation of a new user account each time an individual takes their device to repair. The Maintenance Mode allows users to use the essential functions without access to their personal information.

After selecting maintenance Mode Under “Battery and device maintenance” under “Settings,” the user only has to perform an uninitialized reset on their phone. All personal data, including photographs, documents, as well as messages, are removed following a reboot.

Maintenance Mode was launched the Maintenance Mode in China in September of 2022, following testing it using the Galaxy S21 series in Korea in July 2022.

The feature will gradually become accessible to a small number of devices that run One UI 5. As it becomes available throughout 2023, further Galaxy models will also be included, as the report said.

 It is surely a great relief for those people who wish to repair their mobile in order to get it back to the same performance. It happens most of the time with mobile they use need to be repaired. This mode will help you to stay protected when your mobile is away from you.


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