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Samsung Denies Tipster’s Claim That It Will Rebrand Exynos Chips: Latest Report.

A tipster on social media platform X claimed that Samsung’s semiconductor division intended to rebrand its Exynos chips, but the company has denied this. The major tech company from South Korea clarified that there’s no truth to the speculation about changing their brand name, emphasizing that they have no intentions to rename the processors used in many of their smartphone models. Samsung’s Exynos processors, in competition with Snapdragon chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm, remain a significant component in powering Samsung smartphones.

Samsung was rumored to be rebranding its Exynos mobile CPUs as “Dream Chip” or “Dream,” according to a tip from tipster @oreXda on X on Tuesday. In a statement provided to the Android Authority, the corporation, however, denied the assertion. “The rebranding rumor is untrue. As per the publication, Samsung informed them that the brand name “Dream Ed” is merely an internal project name.

The company also stated that all rumors regarding its plans to rebrand the Exynos family of mobile processors “are not true” in response to a different query from the website. Samsung has consistently used the Exynos brand for its mobile processors over the past decade, suggesting that a rebranding is unlikely in the near future.

Although Samsung’s flagship Exynos chips are competitive with those of MediaTek and Qualcomm, the company’s mobile processors have not kept up with the other manufacturers’ offerings. Although users of expensive phones with Exynos CPUs have voiced concerns about thermal throttling and battery life, the business is expected to deploy its own processors in its next flagship models.

Recent sources indicate that the phone manufacturer plans to include Exynos 2400 CPUs in some models of the next Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones. It looks that only the Galaxy S24 Ultra will include a Snapdragon CPU in all markets, unlike last year when Samsung gave the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip to all Galaxy S23 models.

With the exception of China and the US, where all three of the series’ models are anticipated to be powered by Snapdragon chips, the other models will have Exynos 2400 chips in the meantime. Christian Amon, the CEO of Qualcomm, hinted in a recent statement that the Galaxy S24 series will use more than just the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.


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