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Ring announces new Intercom Product at IFA 2022.

Amazon-owned Ring announced the launching of Ring Intercom at IFA 2022. It is an add-on device that connects to an existing intercom system. It is suitable for apartment buildings where the owners let their visitors enter the building’s main gate by opening it from their apartment. This access control setup is common in buildings in European cities. This device turns a simple intercom into a smart one. You can open the building’s main gate remotely for your visitor.

The device’s audio is encrypted. You can talk to the visitor who rang your doorbell and let them in after knowing their identity. You can do all this from your smartphone irrespective of your location. The audio is quite clear and you will not notice any delay.

Custom Settings

Amazon describes Ring Intercom as a compatible intercom system. You will need the Ring app on your smartphone to use it. The app lets you customize security and privacy settings. You can manage Shared Users in the app. This feature lets you revoke and enable the access privilege of each user in this list.

The system is installed near the receiving part of the intercom system. It operates over Wi-Fi and handles many roles. The owner can use the Remote Lock feature. All Shared Users can enter the building using the app.

The device during the launch does not have the feature Verified Guests that will be available when the device arrives on the market. This feature will let authorized users have their own “key” that can be enabled and revoked from the app. It is like giving a key to your apartment to a tenant.

Being an Amazon company’s product, it is no wonder it is compatible with the company’s Amazon Delivery service. Apartment owners can let their delivery person enter the building remotely. The ordered items can be left at your apartment’s doorstep. Ring Intercom is expected to cost about $140.


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