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Review of the EcoFlow Delta Pro battery: maximum solar power for a complex environment.

Are you looking for a dependable backup power source? Are you someone who’s constantly on the move and needs a viable power option for your requirements? Then look no further than the EcoFlow Delta Pro battery. This 99 lbs., 3600Wh capacity battery is made of Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). These batteries last longer, recharge faster, weigh lesser, and are typically safer than Lithium-ion batteries. The Delta Pro battery stays over 80% charge, even after 3500 cycles. Not only this, but they also claim to have the world’s fastest charging time of 1.8 hours, by using a variety of charging methods with a maximum input of 6500 Watts collectively.

Using an expandable accessory system, Delta Pro comes with multiple charging options:

  • First is the AC output which can be charged using a 120 VAC socket at your home, or using shore power at a maximum of 2900 Watts.
  • Next, you can use the 400 W portable solar panel and charge it using the sun’s unlimited power.
  • The unit also comes with an optional Type-1 adapter, which while charging at an EV charging station, permits charge up to 3400 Watts.
  • Next is the Smart Home Panel, which when used with the Delta Pro, works as an inventor for your home, supplying steady power during blackouts.
  • Finally, the Smart Generator which uses propane or diesel to charge your Delta Pro at 1700 Watts.

Besides this, the Delta Pro comes with a display that shows you the number of ports in use, the amount of charge, and the amount of power being used. It also comes with a set of wheels and a telescoping handle for easy portability. All in all, this is your best option for an emergency power backup system.


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