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Review of the Amazon Fire 7: a cheap tablet for the essentials.

Amazon has introduced its latest tablet to the market – the Fire 7. It is not only the cheapest but also the smallest tablet. What makes this an attractive buy for many consumers is its price – $60. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and works well, considering it is a basic model.

The pros of the device are its cost, solid audio, and balanced picture quality. It competes with the iPad quite well and meets every user’s budget for a tab. Here are more details on the Fire 7 tab from Amazon. The screen’s size is 7 inches with storage of 16 GB. Its processor is a quad-core and has 2 GB RAM. The package includes a charging cable and a wall adapter. The Fire 7 tablet is available with a 32 GB storage version for an extra $20 and both tab types can be expanded by the end user.

In the process of keeping prices down, Amazon’s standard tab comes equipped with ads for the lock screen. Users can purchase one without ads. The tab’s priciest version is the 32 GB storage model without lock screen ads for $95. As a comparison, the Fire 7 costs $95 while the 9th Generation iPad will set you back around $330.

The Fire tablet has a simple and streamlined design with a front-facing webcam. The back of the tab is covered with a soft-to-touch plastic that has the Amazon Fire logo. The lock button, headphone pot, and volume controls are on the side. USB charging and an SD card slot which can be used to expand storage capability round out the features offered. Users can choose between a black, denim blue, or pink finish.


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