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Results from Google Maps will indicate whether an abortion clinic is available.

Google is all set to roll out a much-needed update. The tech giant recently announced that Google Maps and its local search results will now clearly label verified abortion providers. This decision came after Google faced some backlash from a group of lawmakers regarding misleading search results about abortion services.

The lawmakers sent a letter to Google asking the company to reduce misleading search results regarding healthcare services. Or at least use a “user-friendly” disclaimer informing the users that a particular clinic does not provide abortion facilities. This letter was sent to Google after the Supreme Court’s decision of overturning Roe v. Wade in June.

According to the letter, when searching terms like “abortion pill” or “abortion clinic near me” 37% of the Google search results actually showed that “anti-abortion fake clinics”

However, Google’s recent update is expected to improve the experience. It will ensure that women in crisis no longer be directed to clinics that actually don’t offer abortions. When asked about this matter, Google’s spokesperson said: When people turn to Google to find local information, we aim to help them easily explore the range of places available. This helps them determine which are most helpful to them.”

Talking about the new updates, the spokesperson further said that the company has been working on this update for a few months. We’re now rolling out an update that makes it easier for people to find places that offer the services they’ve searched for, or broaden their results to see more options.

Google’s decision has been highly welcomed by most people. It is believed that this new update will go a long way in helping people see more relevant and useful results without being misguided.


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