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Report: Automation is used by 97% of software testing professionals.

Are software testers still using manual systems or have they started using the latest automation solutions to accelerate the testing of software? Is the product release cycle becoming faster? To understand these questions, 150 testers were surveyed by Kobiton. The participants were selected from companies that have at least 50 employees in different departments.

The result shows software testers using automation solutions more than before. The goal is to reduce the cost of testing and improve user experience and software quality.

Software testers are not new to using both manual and automation methods for software testing. It is still common to use manual methods but for repetitive testing, it is not an ideal solution. This has prompted many testers to select an automated method that speeds up software development and improves app performance. 40% of software testers participating in this study informed that the primary reason for them using automated methods is to improve user experience.

Use of Automation in Testing Software Has Advanced a Lot

A study conducted two years back shows 50% of testers saying their use of automation programs was relatively new. The study revealed that 76% of testers used automation for less than 50% of tests, according to Kobiton CEO Kevin Lee. Compared to that, this year, the study shows all tester participants using automation. It shows how far the software testing industry has progressed.

Tester hiring managers are now giving priority to those candidates who also have automation experience. The study by Kobiton revealed that managers are looking for automation experience as an important skill in a tester. Most testers were informed that the use of automation has improved their efficiency. The tests that used to take 3 to 5 days now take only 3 to 6 hours.


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