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Recently, a New, Tougher Layer of Security was Added to Microsoft Edge.

Internet browsing carries its own security risks. Your browser protects you from most of these risks. Microsoft Edge now has an enhanced security feature that lets you browse the Internet more safely. It is a toggle feature that you can change based on your browsing needs.

The 104 version of Microsoft Edge comes with these new security features. They are not available by default. You have to activate them. Simply type “edge://settings/privacy” in the search bar of Edge. The page that comes up will show the category that gives you the option to enhance web security. Switch on its toggle to see the three security options, namely Strict, Balanced and Basic.

The Basic setting is the recommended option. It adds security mitigation features for less visited websites. Balanced offers similar features but it affects those websites you rarely visit. Set this security option to Strict and the browser starts the heightened security feature for every website.

If you still want to use this Strict mode, you can add safe websites to the whitelisted website section. This option can be activated for private browsing as well.

Google Chrome is the most preferred browser in the world. Microsoft has to improve many features in Edge if it wants to get ahead of Chrome. These new security options will help those Edge users who do not have technical skills. The browser can be set to Strict or Balanced mode if a person is likely to visit the wrong websites. It will defend the user from many online security risks.


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