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Quickly Learn How to switch from Spotify to Apple Music.

If you want to shift all your songs from Spotify to Apple Music then give a read. However, you’ve put a lot of work into making playlists and selecting your favorite songs and albums. Is the switch worthwhile? Will all of that effort be mistranslated?

The good news is that many fantastic tools are available to make the shift as smooth as possible. These products are both free and paid. You can transfer your crucial playlists and more with the correct services if you upgrade to Apple Music’s audio (which works flawlessly with one of the new AirPods). We’ll discuss our preferred free approach here.

Get Started

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used Spotify for free or as a Premium subscription when you switch to Apple Music, which is one of the best things about it. Users of the accessible version of Spotify have always been able to make their playlists; however, they could not choose the music they wished to play by hand. Every time, you would have to shuffle them. Before you begin, bear in mind the following points.

Step 1: A Spotify account with the playlists you want to transfer is required. I’m done now. These are playlists that you have either made yourself or have listened to other user-generated playlists. Although it’s not always the case, Spotify-curated playlists like Discover Weekly and others may also show up as transferable possibilities. Your results may differ.

Step 2: Another prerequisite from the Apple Music side is that you must be a paid subscriber to the Apple Music service. There needs to be more than the app alone. To obtain the playlists you want to transfer across, you must join and have a valid subscription (trial periods are acceptable).

You might also miss out on some tracks or albums that Apple Music doesn’t have because both Spotify and Apple Music have songs that might not be shared. When it comes time to press the button and perform the actual transition, the transfer techniques listed below should clarify that.

Use SongShift

First, apps are available if you already have an iOS device and want to transfer files that way. Our preferred app for uploading playlists to Apple Music is SongShift. It is free to use unless you purchase a Pro membership, which speeds up the process and offers additional benefits, but you can try it out as a guest without creating an account.

At this time, the accounts you wish to transfer songs between are Spotify and Apple Music. Log in to both SongShift accounts.

Step 1: Choose the setup source or the location from which you are transferring music. Find the Spotify playlists you want to import into Apple Music by going to that platform. You will see songs that match and those that don’t when you choose the playlists, albums, or songs you wish to transfer. To prevent them from transferring the incorrect song, you might attempt to rematch such tracks or ignore them (which can happen). Keep in mind that transfer times are longer under the free tier than they are under a Pro subscription.

Step 2: The next step is setting up your destination, which can be done by selecting Apple Music. Select I’m finished when you are finished. SongShift allows you to check the music matches it is planning and notifies you of any crucial mismatches so you may try again if necessary. SongShift will start the transfer when everything seems to be in order. Doing this on a desktop instead of a battery-operated device is smart because it takes some time.


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