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Qualcomm and the Revolution in Mobile Video Games.

The market of video games can be split into around five segments. The first of these is legacy, PC, well as consoles. Consoles mainly include phones, as well as tablets. These make four segments.

From these segments, Qualcomm has chosen to evolve in the mobile devices space. The fifth segment is VR gaming. This mostly involves the Oculus Quest 2 from Meta, which also uses tech from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm And The Gaming Revolution

The oldest kind of video game that was available to the broad public was console games. The PC gaming market, on the other hand, started to really take off after the release of Windows 95. This was an operating system that came with certain games.

Mobile gaming has emerged more recently, but it’s turned out to be the segment that is growing the fastest. Console and PC gaming are continuing to dominate the market, but they are largely being overshadowed by the rise of mobile gaming.

What hampers mobile gaming is the size of the mobile screen. You would also need to have a gaming phone if you really want to enjoy gaming on it. Mobile gaming, when put together with a head-mounted display, has a lot more potential than other segments.

For the present moment, Qualcomm is positioned well when it comes to both mobiles as well as VR gaming. So far, there’s a lot of unmet potential worldwide, when it comes to VR gaming. But in the future, this is expected to improve.

Qualcomm’s adoption of both mobiles as well as VR gaming puts it in a good position to help define what the future of gaming will be like.


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