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PS5 DualSense Edge controller launches in January at the cost of $200.

Sony’s DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PS5 will be globally available on the 26th of January. The firm announced the news on Tuesday. This new controller will retail at $199.99. Pre-orders for the controller will be available through certain retailers beginning on the 25th of October. Additionally, you can buy replacement stick modules for $19.99.

The PS5 DualSense Edge is a highly customizable controller that allows users to swap sticks, caps for the stick and back paddles, and various button mapping options. It has an adjustable trigger stop and dead zones and allows users to fine-tune the stick’s sensitiveness, which is helpful when playing games that require quick reactions. The controller is a close mirror of the White PS5 DualSense design; however, it comes with a host of features.

Alongside the release date for the controller, Sony also released a new trailer showing the device’s capabilities.

The purchase includes:

  • A USB braided cable.
  • Two standard caps.
  • Two high-dome caps.
  • Two low-dome caps.
  • Half-dome back buttons.
  • Two lever-back buttons connector housing.
  • A carrying case.

Everything you require to begin using DualSense Edge. DualSense Edge wireless controller is included with the package, including the white case that comes with it. For just $200, here’s the stuff you’ll receive with the controller.

DualSense Edge DualSense Edge will be available from various retailers. However, Sony also announced that customers could buy the device directly through PlayStation’s website. PlayStation site within the U.S., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg (while stocks remain).

The stick module replacement mentioned earlier will be available on the 26th of January in 2023 via the PlayStation website and at other retailers on the 23rd of February, 2023.


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