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Pricing Models for B2B SaaS: Stigg is bringing a Revolution.

Updating the pricing model in a SaaS company is not easy. It can take weeks and months to plan and implement the price changes across all verticals in the organization. By that time the market may have changed. Dor Sasson, the co-founder, and CEO of wants to simplify this process for B2B SaaS companies. He wants to make the price-changing process faster, more efficient, and less resource intensive. Timely price changes can help such a company increase its profits.

Stigg provides APIs that developers can use to change pricing plans quickly. The no-code platform of Stigg makes it easy to tweak the pricing model within minutes. It improves the experience of buyers dealing with a B2B SaaS company.

Sasson started Stigg with Anton Zagrebelny, currently the CTO of this platform. In their previous company they noticed how shifting the pricing model is difficult. They realized that changing the pricing plans in a SaaS company is a slow and rigid process.

Similar to product development, the pricing plan also changes regularly. Companies face problems when they start growing and have to change their pricing plans. They have to do so while continuing to provide an improved buying experience to their customers. With the self-service and product led growth, companies that can improve the buying experience will become the winner. Pricing plays an important role in value perception and better customer experience.

Many companies decide to delay or not change their pricing strategy because the process itself takes so much time. Stigg makes it easy for SaaS companies to handle this process efficiently. Even a small company that cannot afford the services of a consultant can use this solution to simplify its price change process.


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