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Portable Car Battery Booster Is a Roadside Lifesaver.

Few things can make your day more miserable than trying to get your car started and getting the silence of an unresponsive battery. If you’re not fortunate, the best option is to locate someone with an operating car and jumper cables to bring it back to life. If you’re prepared, you’ll be able to handle it in no time.

This is where one of my favorite gadgets is an e-cigarette battery. I put it in my back vehicle, and it’s paid for itself with convenience. It’s a 1,000-amp, 12-volt battery pack that’s capable of jumping the majority of cars. It’s that easy, and it isn’t easy to quantify how big of a lifesaver it could be.

Just in Time

No Boost Plus

The car was brought back to me by my husband while I was returning home from a long way far away from home. I could do 24 hours of driving, which would extend over several days, so it was the ideal time to find out that the battery in my car was at its end. The alternator was working fine. The car started to run after it was initiated, but the battery couldn’t hold a sufficient charge. Every time I began to start the car, it would die.

In the absence of the battery, my options would have been limited. I could’ve driven the car into a repair shop to have replacement batteries, however, this would’ve required a lot of time and would have kept me out of condition for longer than I anticipated it to be. Or, I could have bought the battery and changed it myself (it’s an easy process in many cars); however, I needed to bring the tools I needed, which would’ve made it more costly than it had to be.

Furthermore, to complete either of these things, I would have required AAA or another service and wait for someone else to arrive or jump-start my car so that I could go anywhere. Although it’s always nice to seek help from a friendly stranger, it’s not an emergency strategy.

Lights On

Luckily, I wasn’t required to perform any of those due to the power pack inside my vehicle. However, with it fully charged, I was not only able to jump the car one time but on numerous occasions, I was required to get home.

I could return home without prolonging my travel time or paying much money to repair my vehicle. When I returned, I could pull a battery from the shelf and replace it using my tools from home. The dead battery could have destroyed my entire journey was a minor issue. It takes time to determine the price of this kind of security. However, this battery costs $100, which is more than fair.

It’s important to remember that lithium-ion batteries are known to be renowned as being slightly explosive however, the battery in question is certified for storage ranging from -4° Fahrenheit to 122°F. I’m fine placing it in my trunk car all the time, but the risk-benefit formula could be different for those living somewhere in the desert or in a region with a lot of snowstorms.


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