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PlayStation 5 will possibly get Discord voice chat in the near future.

A few months after Discord began offering voice chat capabilities to Xbox owners, it appears that the Sony’s next-generation consoles will receive precisely the same features.

A tweet on Sunday from “advaith,” a Twitter user who frequently posts about forthcoming Discord features, revealed the app’s latest PlayStation-specific features, including the possibility of joining Discord voice chats with the PS5 console.

It’s probably a simple task with Photoshop, but an image of the identical menu was posted on Reddit on the weekend, thanks to user Syhix. Based on this leak, users are connected to an existing PlayStation Network account to Discord to allow voice chat and discover what PS5 game is currently enjoying on the Discord profile, making the earlier an actual possibility as of the beginning of January.

At the moment, the announcement was made in the report of Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan that the team was already “hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.” In July, an Xbox Wire blog post announced that Discord voice chat was getting its way onto Xbox consoles, with immediate availability to Xbox Insiders.

Voice chats are believed to be only available only on PS5, which means PS4 owners must remain with the console’s built-in party chat system if they wish to hear the game’s audio as well as their buddies’ chatter at the same moment. PlayStation first announced the collaboration in 2021 with Discord around 2021; however, nearly a year after, voice chat has yet to be officially announced.


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