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Overwatch Officially Shuts Down as It Gets Ready for the Release of a Free-to-Play Follow-Up.

Blizzard Entertainment’s popular multiplayer game Overwatch has been taken off the servers. Players around the world who adored the game will not be able to play this game anymore. But the good news is that Blizzard Entertainment is launching a sequel to the previous version. The original version of the game released in 2016 will remain off the grid and the new version will completely replace it.

There were 26 characters in the first chapter of Overwatch. Fans loved all these characters and their unique abilities. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that unlike its previous version Overwatch 2 will be free to play. After its launch, people will be able to enjoy Overwatch 2 on their Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and even PC platforms.

The Transition

After shutting down the servers of Overwatch 1 the developers would be working on the launch of the new version of the game. However, a gap of 72 hours is expected between when Overwatch will remain entirely unavailable. From the official Twitter handle of Overwatch, the team has urged the fans to share their favorite moments from the game with the hashtag #SeeYouOnTheOtherSide.

Those who have been playing the first version of the game will get some special perks. For starters, their collection of skins will be transferred to their Overwatch 2 account. Plus they will be able to avail some bonus goodies when they will log in to the new version of the game.

Overwatch 2 may have some aesthetic and systemic alterations. Earlier Blizzard had announced that the new version will have upgraded security patches. They would also be upgrading the in-game chat tools. Right now it’s time to wait for the launch of the new free-to-play follow-up.


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