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Optical Mouse V.S Laser Mouse: What to Buy?

Mouse is an input device that moves a cursor around the screen. It has two types: an optical mouse and a laser mouse. For you to choose the computer mouse that is best for you, we compared optical mouse with laser mouse.

All about Optical Mouse

1- An LED light source serves as the lighting source for the optical mouse.

2- It uses CMOS image Sensors

3- Has about 3,000 dots per inch of resolution.

4- Recognizes the surface it is standing on’s top.

5-Performs nicely on a non-glossy surface or mouse pad.

6- Less expensive, usually costing $10 or more.

All about Laser Mouse

1- A laser is used as the light source.

2- Uses CMOS image sensors.

3. Has a resolution of 6,000 to 15,000 or more dpi.

4-It has senses peaks and valleys in the surface

5. Work on any surface.

6- More expensive, although the price difference has shrunk.

Although optical and laser mouse have different internal technologies, the common user might need help to tell the difference between the two. The price difference between an optical mouse and a laser mouse used to be a deciding issue, but it needs more.

Other considerations, such as the required features for a given application or circumstance, may influence your decision. Dedicated gamers can require a mouse with a specific set of features. Choose a mouse that works on any surface if you need flexibility. The tracking system utilized by optical and laser mouse is different. An LED light source serves as the lighting for the optical mouse. The laser mouse uses a laser, as its name suggests.

While laser mouse have a resolution between 6,000 and 15,000 dpi or more, optical mouse have a resolution of roughly 3,000 dpi. Laser mouse track more dots per inch and are more sensitive due to their higher dpi. Most users will need help to distinguish between them.

However, some users, such as gamers and graphic designers, might recognize the difference and favor a laser mouse or a mouse designed for a specific purpose.

The good news is that you can’t go wrong if attempting to select an optical and a laser mouse. The cost difference between laser mouse and conventional mouse has decreased. Although optical mouse have a lower dpi, the average user wouldn’t be aware of this.

Although different brands and models may appeal to applications, both types function admirably. Get a laser mouse if you wish to use a mouse on various surfaces. If your mouse pad is comfy, go with an optical mouse.


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