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OpenAI Wants Everyone to Build Their Own Personalized ChatGPTs.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT achieved widespread recognition for its versatile skills, such as composing college applications, generating operational computer codes, and conducting thorough online research.

The business now hopes to expand the variety of tricks that ChatGPT can perform by enabling anyone, without any coding experience, to create a personalized chatbot that runs on the platform. According to OpenAI, individuals might want to create personalized bots to assist with certain issues or hobbies in their lives. For example, they could teach their children algebra, assist someone in understanding the rules of a board game, or create stickers using AI-generated artwork.

The process of creating one of these personalized AI agents, or bots, as OpenAI refers to them as “GPTs,” is as simple as the user describing what they want the bot to accomplish through ChatGPT. ChatGPT will write the code required to build and launch the new bot in the background. According to OpenAI, the bots can be integrated with other websites and services to do tasks like email searching, database access, and e-commerce order automation.

“With GPTs, anyone can customize a customized version of ChatGPT to help with specific tasks—daily life, work, or home—and then share that creation with others,” according to a blog post published today by OpenAI. Later this month, the company will open an online chatbot store where customers can purchase GPTs from “verified builders” that have been handpicked by the business.

Chatbot developers will be able to generate revenue, according to OpenAI, by charging for access to their GPTs. Chatbot development will be available to users of Plus or Enterprise ChatGPT subscriptions starting today. According to the startup, a few businesses have already built and are utilizing GPTs internally, including the pharmaceutical company Amgen, the management consulting firm Bain, and the payment processor Square.

During its inaugural developer conference, OpenAI DevDay, held in San Francisco, OpenAI revealed its latest features for custom chatbots. “A customized version of ChatGPT can be built for almost anything,” stated OpenAI CEO Sam Altman during the event. Their capacity to integrate guidance, extensive knowledge, and practical applications enhances their usefulness.

Today, the company revealed that over 2 million developers and over 92% of Fortune 500 companies use its APIs, which provide users with access to ChatGPT or the underlying text- and image-generating technology in some way. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT has over 100 million active users per week. “We cautiously introduced ChatGPT as a research preview last year, and it was well-received. OpenAI stands as the most advanced and widely used AI platform today.”

Since its introduction a year ago, ChatGPT has all but upended the tech sector. In order to concentrate on creating comparable AI capabilities, Google and other large tech companies changed their business processes. These days, dozens of well-funded businesses provide substitute AI models. Furthermore, governments have been forced to take action to reduce the misuse of strong models. If the new personalized chatbots take off, OpenAI may surpass its rivals in the AI space once more.

According to Kanjun Qiu, CEO of Imbue, a firm creating safer and more capable AI agents, OpenAI’s decision makes sense because chatbots need to be able to act in order to become more potent. However, the poor thinking abilities of current AI models mean that they are unable to do numerous tasks and cannot function consistently in the absence of human monitoring. “As we advance on both, we’ll get closer to ‘true’ agents,” she states.


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