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OpenAI COO: AI Can’t Fix Everything, But It Can Help. Here’s How.

While OpenAI actively seeks to engage with large organizations, some within its leadership caution against anticipating rapid business transformations solely due to the adoption of their technology.

In a CNBC interview, Brad Lightcap, the chief operating officer of OpenAI, noted that one of the most exaggerated aspects of artificial intelligence is its ability to “deliver substantive business change in one fell swoop.”

According to Lightcap, businesses have come to OpenAI expecting generative AI to address a wide range of issues, drastically reduce expenses, and, in the case of struggling businesses, restore growth. Although he acknowledged that AI might still advance, he noted that the field is still young and that “there’s never one thing you can do with AI that solves that problem in full.” AI is still in its experimental stages, he continued, and has not yet been incorporated into essential tools and applications.

With the release of its enterprise version of the well-liked ChatGPT platform, OpenAI hopes to provide more model fine-tuning possibilities and stronger safeguards for businesses looking to safeguard sensitive and proprietary data. According to Lightcap, ChatGPT Enterprise has a lengthy waitlist that the company is still working through.

After tech evangelists praised the technology for making work easier, generative AI gained traction among consumers and businesses. Developers such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Amazon launched enterprise-focused versions of generative AI models in response to worries about unintentional data leaks.

Some workers in businesses who adopted AI early have expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that life hasn’t really gotten simpler with the initial generations of AI models. According to a recent post from The Information, Morgan Stanley employees have been complaining that their intended audience of wealth managers is not using the chatbot the firm developed using OpenAI because they would rather give someone a call when they need information.

After a few setbacks, including insensitive, ludicrous, or erroneous pieces, some corporations have eased off their goals in the media industry, where publishers have tried utilizing AI to generate news items or guides to produce more material for less money. Not to mention the backlash against companies that misidentify content created by AI as human-written.

Lightcap sidestepped concerns regarding OpenAI’s daily operations following the company’s turbulent recent weeks.


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