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OpenAI board members addresses CEO Sam Altman’s firing in note to employees — Read the full memo here.

OpenAI exec addresses CEO Sam Altman’s firing in note to employees — Read the full memoIn a brief note to staff on Saturday, OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap discussed the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman.

In the document that CNBC was able to receive, Lightcap stated that he had numerous discussions with the board in an attempt to comprehend their decision, but that everyone was caught off guard.

He affirmed that the board’s choice was clearly not influenced by any wrongdoing or matters pertaining to our finances, business, safety, or security or privacy practices.

A “breakdown in communication” between Altman and the board, according to Lightcap, was the cause.

He stated that the company is still strong and that talks and options about the future are still being considered. He clarified that Microsoft is a completely committed partner.

This is the entire memo that Lightcap distributed to staff members on Saturday morning:

“Team, in the wake of yesterday’s unexpected announcement, we have held several discussions with the board to try to gain a deeper understanding of the rationale and decision-making process. We’re still talking about these possibilities and how we want to go this morning.

Without a doubt, the board’s decision had nothing to do with mismanagement or anything pertaining to our safety, security, or privacy policies. There was a communication breakdown between Sam and the board. We continue to be a very powerful firm, and Microsoft is still totally dedicated to our collaboration.

As CEO, Mira has our utmost support. We continue to be troubled by your concerns over the way the process has been handled. We are trying to find a solution and will keep you informed as soon as we can.

You guys must be feeling confused, depressed, and maybe even afraid. Our entire attention is on managing this, working toward a solution and clarity, and returning to work. Right now, we all have a duty to our coworkers, partners, clients, users, and the general public who support our goal of widely useful artificial intelligence. Keep going; we have our backs 100%.”


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