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OnlyFans partners with Spring to add shopping amazing features.

Merch comes to OnlyFans. Through a partnership with Spring -the merch business previously called TeeSpring, which Amaze has bought. This company owns Amaze OnlyFans creators can offer physical merchandise to their patrons directly on their platform pages.

This feature works through integration when you visit an artist’s page that can sell products, see what products are available, and be taken toward their spring page, where you can make purchases.

“As a creator-first organization, there are over 3 million creators on OnlyFans, meaning over 3 million small businesses now have access to a new monetization tool,” stated Ami Gan, the CEO of OnlyFans, in an announcement on the company’s website.

OnlyFans does not take an income from transactions, and the feature is designed to encourage creators to incorporate their businesses into the platform. In the last year, the company earned the sum of $433m in revenue and is set to generate $2.5 billion in revenue in the coming year, so OnlyFans isn’t in any way hurt by cash.

Creators using this integration will get the same prices as similar Spring shops. However, the amount a creator earns per sale is contingent on the production cost. For instance, if you pay $31.95 to make a hoodie, and an artist sells it at $50, they’ll earn $18.05 on the proceeds.

Now Creators can choose the prices for their merchandise and can choose the kind of merchandise they’d like to offer from a variety of products like mugs, shirts, pillows, iPhone cases, and even puzzles.


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