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OnePlus beats Google with four years of major OS updates |Updated|.

The six years of upgrades you get with Apple phones still need to be offered by Android OEMs, although some producers are working to reduce the gap. For example, with the addition of a year, OnePlus is now promising four years of significant OS updates and five years of security patches for its smartphones.

This strategy follows the same timeline as Samsung’s, although OnePlus does not provide monthly security updates, while Samsung does. So it’s appropriate for the firm only to brag a little when it only promises security patches every other month. With only three years of OS updates and five years of security patches, Android maker Google—who you’d think would have the finest update plan—is in a distant third place.

The frequency of updates is still something to think about. OnePlus outperforms Samsung in terms of execution because it shipped Android 13 to its most recent flagship in just one month instead of two for Samsung. In this case, Google triumphs because it is still the only Android manufacturer to provide day-one updates similar to Apple’s.

The OnePlus 11, which will launch in the upcoming months, will likely be the first to receive this modification. A complicated merger between OnePlus and Oppo, a BBK sibling business, has caused significant detrimental alterations to OnePlus’ Android skin. After the Oppo merger, OnePlus’s great, lightweight yet configurable Android build no longer seems like a polished iOS clone.

One month before the OnePlus 10, OnePlus changed its OS approach, declaring that it would abandon the combined Oppo skin. Of course, it’s difficult to determine the company’s genuine Android design approach after just one month because more time is needed to make significant adjustments. But the update strategy has improved a little.


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