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Oklahoma’s Airports Set for $316 Million Upgrade.

After its most recent meeting at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics (ODAA) declared that it would be spending $316 million to upgrade the state’s airports.

44 Projects

The forthcoming Airport Construction Plan (ACP) for FY2025 and FY2029, which has a budget of $316 million, contains 44 pro-growth development projects, according to the ODAA. The Federal Aviation Administration ($196 million) and municipal matching funds ($47 million) will provide the remaining cash for the improvements, with the ODAA contributing $71.9 million. Therefore, the federal government will provide the majority of the funding.

The ODAA’s Airports Division Manager, Nick Young, expressed his excitement at the department’s decision to fund airport improvements in Oklahoma through the ACP and noted that the projects involve more than simply infrastructure improvements. They also act as a catalyst for good change in the state, promoting long-term communal sustainability and economic prosperity.

“Every project has the potential to provide significant improvements, which will not only help the airports but also foster beneficial changes across the community. We have faith that these cooperative efforts will have a long-lasting effect, improving the airports’ overall performance as well as the general well-being of the communities they serve.

Developing Within The Master Plan

The Department has approved the Oklahoma Airport System Plan (OASP), which serves as the foundation for the ODAA’s ACPs’ funding decisions. Airports that serve the state are identified and classified according to their functional categorization, service level, and design standard using the OASP, a long-term planning document.

In the interim, the ACP allows the Department, FAA, and airport sponsors to anticipate financing requirements at the airport and adapt project scope, cost, and schedule modifications based on multi-year planning. But the ODAA made it clear that a project cannot be allowed unless there is a valid reason.

Four Major Airports

According to data from the aviation analytics firm Cirium, there are four major airports in Oklahoma that will have regularly scheduled flights in March 2024. This covers the following airports: Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO), Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport (LAW), Tulsa International Airport (TUL), and Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport (OKC).

The latter two are regional airports, with 21 and 14 weekly flights each month, although in terms of scheduling, OKC and TUL are significantly larger. In March, the latter had 339 flights, compared to the former’s 446 weekly flights.

The four largest airlines that fly out of the state are American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. These are the carriers that are most important. The other carriers, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant Air, and Alaska Airlines, provide 11, 10, and seven flights from Oklahoma, respectively. The major four have at least one hundred weekly flights during the month.


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