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Nintendo Switch Successor Console to Reportedly Launch in Half of 2024.

Nintendo’s upcoming mainline console is expected to be released in the latter half of 2024. Sources from VGC have revealed that development kits for the new gaming console have been distributed to important partner studios, according to reports. Additionally, the console is said to have the capability to be used in a portable mode similar to the current Nintendo Switch.

It is usual practise for console manufacturers like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo to give developers test units far in advance of the platform’s debut so they may begin creating, testing, and optimising games for it. While specific pricing details were not disclosed, the Nintendo Switch was launched in the United States with a price tag of $299.99.

According to the source, as a cost-saving strategy, Nintendo intends to launch the new system with an LCD screen rather than the more expensive OLEDs. As game fidelity rises and AAA titles on the current-generation PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X reach 100GB in size, more money could be spent on storage. Newer first-party titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom take up more than half of the 32GB of built-in storage that comes standard with the Switch edition—18.2GB. Not to mention, the size of games from other companies is significantly greater. Additionally, it looks like the Japanese gaming behemoth isn’t completely abandoning physical media, as the new console is rumoured to come equipped with a cartridge slot for reading games.

Nintendo hasn’t yet made any official comments about these rumours, but a May report hinted that the firm won’t be introducing a new console until at least April 2024. Despite having sold over 125 million copies worldwide, the Nintendo Switch’s overall sales this year have decreased, which is precisely in line with the next generation’s introduction in 2024. Not to be forgotten is the Nintendo Direct presentation from June, which unveiled a plethora of new titles, among them Super Mario Bros. Wonder, that would extend the Switch’s shelf life until the first half of 2019. Although the VGC story says that some third-party publishers have tried to fight the feature, claiming that it would prohibit them from reselling older titles on the new hardware, backwards compatibility on the upcoming unidentified platform will be a blessing for consumers.

The European Union enacted new legislation earlier this month to enforce battery sustainability, which suggested that portable gaming consoles would need to contain replaceable batteries by 2027. It appears that manufacturers will have enough time to redesign their upcoming products to comply with the court’s ruling, which states that consumers should be able to remove and replace portable batteries using tools that are readily available in the marketplace or specially designed ones that are provided in the package—ffree of charge. It’s not yet known if Nintendo’s forthcoming console will follow the suggested regulations for its EU market or if strong opposition from console makers will completely prevent it.


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